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So far attending will be:
Anne Colgan; Andrew Jackson (An Taisce);  Denis Parfenov (Active Citizen); Flora Fleischer (OKF Ireland); Nuala Haughey (TASC) and Antoin O'Lachtnain (Digital Rights Ireland)

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  • lead: Irina Balychevsky, Open Knowledge
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Denis P [Action Plan] Open Data and Transparency 
– opening up Government data for greater accountability, improving public services and achieving economic growth 
Opening up Government data has the potential to drive innovation and economic growth, improve public services, and strengthen democracy, and increase transparency and accountability of government.  The integrated programme of measures to be progressed will include 
  • signing up to the Open Data Charter which will involve inter alia making our government data open by default and ensuring data released is not only timely but of high quality;  
  • identification of datasets which will have the broadest impact and highest value; and 
  • developing and updating a single source www.data.gov.ie from which public data can be accessed.  
Increased transparency is at the heart of the Government’s reform programme and these measures will enable the public to hold Government accountable for its performance, use data to identify best practice, encourage the public sector to improve productivity and quality and help citizens make more informed choices.  Making data available to businesses will promote development of innovative products and services and drive economic growth.  Open Data leading to more open, transparent and accountable Government is a major programme of work with the potential to reap significant benefits.   
Commitment 1 - Signing up to the G8 Open Data Charter
Impact and vision/context
Timescales – commitment needs to be measurable.  What are key milestones for delivering it?
Lead Department: The D/Public Expenditure and Reform but other Departments/public bodies would also have a major role to play
Civil society organisations(s) involved
Means – what additional resources will be need and where will they come from?
Links to grand challenges
Commitment 2 - Audit of datasets
Commitment 3 - Development of an Open Data Platform
Commitment 4 – Establishment of an Open Data Governance Board
Commitment 5 – Establishment of a Steering and Implementation Group
Recommendations contained in the Report of a Consultation with Civil Society Representatives and Citizens on Ireland’s Participation in the OGP which relate to this theme:
2.10, 3.01, 3.02, 3.03, 3.04, 3.05, 3.06, 3.07, 3.08, 3.10, 4.04, 4.07, 4.09
This theme also relates to aspects of a number of submissions submitted to D/PER by the following:
Proposals not addressed but which were listed under the ‘Technology and Innovation’ part of the original report:
3.09 Measures to Encourage Online Participation in Government - addressed as part of section 2 “citizen participation/more active citizenship”
3.11 Public Procurement Open Days - not addressed in draft
3.12 Allow Voter Registration Online - not addressed in draft
  • most of the proposals in the report have been included
  • all 5 submissions have also been said to be addressed through section 1 of the draft
  • This means we can move on to step 2 with regards to the ‘Open Data and Transparency’ theme - identifying how the commitments DPER has outlined address the original proposals and submissions
  • Do we need to include 3.11 & 3.12 in 1st OGP Action Plan?
  • How do commitments in this section as formulated by DPER address the commitments originally requested by citizens during the consultations = step 2 assessment
  • how do we measure success - what do we want out of doing these things at the end of the day?
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  1. Participation  via online platforms as previously suggested by Flora & Denis:  use online tools to allow opportunity for unorganised participation and accessibility to participation for all the public, these tools will  trigger responses and votes from members of the  unorganized civil society
1264 days ago
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  1. DPER has requested from TASC that "In addition someone would need to be employed for the 3 month period to provide technical support"  Can it please be considered for OKF Ireland to lead on the technical support role?
  • I will request that the administrator hired for this role has the relevant technical skills for the following duty: "To refresh, update and manage the OGP Ireland website, working with the developer of the site, including re-purposing it as the repository of information about the Forum and the process of drafting Ireland’s first OGP Action Plan"
Flora undefined
  • Could you please consider to for OKF Ireland to lead on the technical support role?
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