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Eugene Eichelberger

1227 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Eugene Eichelberger 1227 days ago
Eugene E
  • Be introduced to projects successfully using open government structures for commercial, journalism, or research purposes.
  • Hear from speakers who have insights into current reform activities at the local or national level.
  • Hear from experts in current EU initiatives which mandate programs be more transparent and understand how those programs can be audited.
  • Programs which increase the awareness or understanding of the OGP program and how that effects communication outputs from the national government agencies.
  • [lead: Denis Parfenov, OKF Ireland, <denis.parfenov@okfirl.org>]
  • FOI fees
  • Privacy / Mass surveillance: what changes do we need in the law and what ways we can protect ourselves, today.

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